5 Things I'm Changing to Be a Better Student This Semester

New Year, New Me. I only wish, but I don’t think this is actually true. It’s just something we say to ourselves feel better about past mistakes. Instead I prefer to go by “New Year, Better Me.” So, this year a personal goal is to improve my college life academically, emotionally


  • Attend every class

This is probably something that should not be of concern. Every student should attend every class. Sadly, this has not been true for me since my first semester at UK and I’m now a junior. This semester I plan to every class no matter what. Turns out going to every class improves chances of passing the class.


  • Procrastinate LESS

The goal should be to not procrastinate at all. However, I don’t think I could completely do that even if I tried extremely hard. The goal is to try to achieve less procrastination. I would do this by trying to not do everything last minute but instead at least a week before for long assignments/projects and 12 hours for regular homework. I’m going to struggle a lot with this but the point is to not give up and keep trying. Form good habits.


  • Focus on a healthier lifestyle

I recently fully accepted that the choices I make now are going to come back to haunt or bless me later on in life. Since this is true my current health choices are definitely going to haunt. At this rate I might die of diabetes at age 30. To avoid this I plan to start working out and eating healthy more often. Also, research shows that physical fitness improves academic fitness.


  • Be more social

I tried a thing once when I had zero to no social life because I wanted to solely focus on school. My grades turned out to be very good but I was mentally exhausted by actually having a life. This semester I’m going to be more involved and relaxed. A social life benefits you academic life as well as other aspects.


  • Spend less and spend more

I have never considered myself financially responsible. So, this year a goal is to handle my money better. Spend less, spend more. By this I intend to spend less on unnecessary things as well as necessary things such as food. I probably spend about 60 percent on food. The goal isn’t not buy food but to eat out less. Save money. However, spending more on experiences. Experiences because the year goal is to live a more fulfilling life.


It’s weird but I am a little excited for this semester to start. I’m not sure why yet but I feel like it is going to be a really good semester. Hopefully it is a good and year for anyone reading this.