5 Easy Halloween Makeup Looks By My Favorite Instagram Makeup Gurus

Don’t have a costume? No worries, these looks may seem difficult but are actually really doable!


  • Manal Shaikh- Broken Doll @manal

This 3D look takes little to no time and you probably have most of the products in your makeup bag already! It’s super simple, and gives you a look at an expertise level. She does use pricey makeup like MAC’s chromacakes and their acrylic paints but those can easily be switched out for NYX products or even cheap Halloween face paint, with your favorite glidable eyeliner! Be sure to have a thin brush, a lip or eyeliner brush, to perfect the doll-face cracks! She has a video on her page showing you step by step how to perfect the look!


  • Romanie-Jade Tulloch- Wonder Woman @cakefacerj

This girl is one of my favorites in makeup when it comes to creative, jaw-dropping looks! Most of her art is on an intermediate level and looks impossible to do with how precise she is. But this look in particular looks easy to do with only small strokes with liners, making this pop-art piece something anyone can achieve! I love how her strokes are not as fine lined and straight, and actually have some curvature in them, unlike most MUAs. Even though she looks straight out of a comic book, she still looks GLAM! I mean look at that ombre lip!


  • Helene Heméra- Mermaid @helenehemera

Obsessed with this look! You can never go wrong with a mermaid look with soft purples and blues. This bedazzled tutorial is doable and the end results make you look and feel like a glowing, underwater princess. Ariel is shaking. Blue brows and a bold purple lip? How fun! To get the net pattern, she takes a hairnet-looking piece and places it on her face and blends through. You can get just as good of a  highlighter for less by MILK MAKEUP’s Holographic Stick or Wet N’ Wild’s Mega Glo highlighter. Her video is on her page!


  • Tamanna Roashan- (Indian) Corpse Bride @dressyourface

This queen did her first ever Halloween look and it is stunning. She took the classic corpse bride on another level! As difficult as this may initially seem, it’s actually not that hard. Her tutorial video on her page is straightforward and easy to accomplish. Don’t let the bling and the outfit fool you! It really enhances her look, but the makeup is easy to do. This look is perfect for those who want to go all out with their eyes, because glitter is much needed! She uses glitter liquid shadow from Stila Cosmetics which is one of my favorite products by them and is super easy to use! A dupe for that would Colourpop’s Supernova shadows.


  • Khloe Dosh- Wild Tiger @khloedosh

Look how cute this tiger look is! All done using only a couple Maybelline products that you can find at your local drugstore. A gel pot eyeliner was used to create most of this look with a little blending. Super easy especially if you are not used to wearing makeup. Play around with a smokey eye which always makes a face look sultry, especially for this look. Top it off with that dark lipstick shade hiding at the bottom of your makeup bag that you’re too scared to wear. The basic cat look is getting old, amp it up by being a tiger instead!