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5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes for Girls

Halloween is a day to let loose and dress as whoever, or whatever you want. You can finally be that superhero or ballerina you’ve aspired to be since you were little, or you that zombie from your favorite horror flick. Either way, here are five easy DIY costumes for you, ladies, if you’re struggling with an idea like I usually am:


  • Gumball machine

This is one of the easiest costumes, especially if you’re still struggling at the last minute for an idea. For this costume, you’ll need a T-shirt, a bag of pom poms and hot glue. Just glue the pom poms to the T-shirt, and a cute red skirt or pants and a red hat and voila! You’re a gumball machine.


  • Ice cream cone

This one is a little more time-consuming, but nevertheless adorable and worth the extra few minutes. For this costume, you’ll need a white T-shirt, white skirt, felt of various bright colors, hot glue, bobby pins and brown construction paper. First, cut oval strips out of the felt to symbolize sprinkles. Glue these all over your T-shirt and skirt. The last step is to roll the construction paper into a cone and bobby pin it in your hair. No one will be able to resist the adorable-ness of this one.


  • Dalmatian

This is an extremely easy costume, much of which you probably already own! For this costume, you’ll need a white T-shirt, black skirt or pants, bobby pins, black and white felt and a hot glue. First, cut the black felt into circles and glue them onto your T-shirt. Next, cut ears out of the white felt, and glue some black felt circles onto those, too. Last, attach the ears to your hair with bobby pins. Now all you need is a firefighter to pair with!


  • Pooh bear

Everyone must know who Pooh is! For this extremely quick costume, you’ll need a red T-shirt, yellow skirt or pants, bobby pins and yellow felt. Just cut small, circular ears out of the yellow felt, and bobby pin them to your hair. And that’s all! If you want to take this a step further, you can buy a plastic jar, fill it with some cheap, yellow pom poms, and make a label out of the yellow felt that reads, “Honey.”


  • Sheep

Who can resist being a sheep? For this slightly more time-consuming costume, you’ll need a white T-shirt, white skirt, cotton balls, white and black felt, bobby pins and hot glue. First, glue the cotton balls to your T-shirt and skirt. Next, cut white ears out of the felt and glue some black felt on the inside as some depth. Use the bobby pins to attach the ears to your hair. This costume would look awesome paired with a moon, or a shepherd!


I hope these costumes inspire you to DIY the perfect costume this Halloween. Have fun with it and show your design off all night!

Hannah Woosley is a senior at the University of Kentucky majoring in print journalism and minoring in history. She is a staff writer and co-editor for Her Campus UK. She is also a columnist and assistant opinions editor for UK’s student-run school newspaper, The Kentucky Kernel. In her free time, she enjoys being outdoors hiking, swimming and practicing yoga. She adores animals and has two, six-year-old cats. You can catch Hannah writing an article, watching her favorite shows on Netflix, drinking an iced coffee or enjoying some time outdoors.
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