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5 Cute Fall Date Night Ideas

Photo provided by Abbie Long


The most wonderful and enjoyable time of the year is upon us… FALL. Although technically the first day of fall isn’t until Friday, September 22, but pumpkin spice lattes are officially back in stock at Starbucks, so it is basically fall.


It seems like during this time of year my Instagram feed is overflowing with those “cute and couple-y” pictures of couples sitting on a hay bale, holding the “perfect pumpkin” that they picked out together in the pumpkin patch, while wearing flannels and duck books.


As much as I did not want to be one of those “basic couples” that posted a picture like that when my boyfriend and I got together… but of course I did anyway. And to be honest, I will probably do it again this year too.


If you are looking for cute and cheap fall dates to go on with your significant other this season, I have come up with five suggestions for you:


  1. Local Harvest/Fall Festival:

Get online and look to see if there is a Harvest Festival or a Fall Festival being held in your hometown, or a town near you. Festivals like these do not usually cost you anything to get in, and they are typically full of good fried food and live music. Fun for you and your significant other, and it is easy on your almost empty wallet.


  1. Go to a fall flea market:

As I have gotten older the more I have learned to appreciate and love flea markets. You can find the coolest things for a minimal amount of money. Typically around this time of year vendors are trying to get rid of a lot of things before winter comes. This means even cheaper prices!


  1. Go on a hayride:

Okay so hayrides are one of my absolute favorite things about fall. A lot of the pumpkin patches around my hometown have free hayrides to transport people to and from the pumpkin field so that they do not have to drag their huge pumpkin to their vehicles. Take advantage of that opportunity take a ride with your significant other! (Even if you do not have a big pumpkin to carry).


  1. Pumpkin patch:

The hayride idea perfectly leads me to the obvious perfect date venue… the pumpkin patch. There is just something about the red, yellow and orange leaves, on a cool, crisp fall afternoon, with a cup of apple cider in your hand, and picking out a cute pumpkin for you and your significant other to carve or paint together that just warm the soul. You can never go wrong with a mainstream pumpkin patch date.


  1. Go to a (or a lot of) Haunted Houses:

Personally, my little heart ca not handle being scared when things pop out at me when going through a haunted house. It makes me feel like my heart is going to explode. So needless to say haunted houses are not my thing, but they are a lot of other people’s thing! Take your significant other to a haunted house is a good way to show them that you are a brave son-of-a-gun. They are typically pretty cheap too!

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