4 Makeup Products You NEED to Get on Your Hands

Calling all beauty lovers, this one’s for you.


It feels like every week there’s a new makeup product coming out. It’s kind of hard to keep track of all the new releases so here are my four top recommendations right now.


Even if you’re not a part of the “Sister Squad,” James Charles’ fanbase, chance are you’ve heard about his collab with the well-known beauty brand Morphe. For just $39 you can receive a massive palette full of thirty-nine shades you can use to create any look imaginable.


There has been a lot of talk on social media, YouTube especially, about James faking swatches to make his palette look better online. He quickly took to Snapchat and Instagram to debunk these rumors and show everyone how good this palette truly is. I recently received my palette in the mail and have been playing with it quite a bit lately and I can tell you, it’s honestly the best palette I’ve ever used.


This lip gloss not only feels amazing on your lips, but it also looks good on everybody. Most glosses start to feel dry and tacky throughout the day but ingredients in the Gloss Bomb like shea butter, keep your lips conditioned all day long.


The Cloud Paint is a gel-based blush product which is sheer and buildable. Though the product is primarily a blush, it can also be used on the lips or eyes. With a variety of shades which are flattering to all skin tones, Cloud Paint can be used and loved by anyone.


If you're, like me, are a long time fan of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara, you have to go to your nearest drugstore and pick up this mascara. It’s almost an exact dupe for this $24 mascara, even the packaging looks the same. The mascara comes in a variety of blacks, brown and even comes in a waterproof version.


As the holiday season approaches, any of these products would be a perfect gift for the makeup lover in your life, especially if that person is you! #treatyoself