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3 Reasons Why You Should Watch “I Love Lucy”

I am a known “TV junkie.” I spend hours and hours of time invested in different characters, involved in every show. I, like most college students, are on Netflix way more than I would like to say. From Stars Hollow, to Grey Sloan Memorial, to MacLaren’s pub (or was it called Puzzles?), and to Monica’s infamous apartment you could say I am well versed in popular TV shows today. (But isn’t everybody this day and age?) While modern popular TV shows have taken over my life these past few years, there is this one show (that is not exactly modern) that has completely stolen my heart. “I Love Lucy,” a show about a wacky red-head, her Cuban husband, and landlords as her best friends premiered in October of 1951. What started out as simple curiosity for me to watch, (to see first hand the infamous chocolate factory scene everybody tends to recreate) became a guilty pleasure. We all have that one show, no matter what, that makes everything okay. A show that you can turn on as background noise, but ends up making a bad day tolerable. “I Love Lucy” is one of those shows. While you might be too busy to watch six seasons of a 25 minute show (or busy catching up on a list of other shows, movies, and new music) consider “I Love Lucy” in that list. If you do need a little more convincing here are my 3 reasons why I think you should spend some of your summer watching Lucy Ricardo and her many schemes.

1.     The Wacky Schemes

Witty, Goofy, and still somewhat relevant. You see most of these schemes in modern sitcoms today. Somebody had to come up with them and lead the way to sitcoms today. From getting caught up in train robbers to scarfing down chocolates in a chocolate factory these schemes are pretty legendary. Light-hearted and will leave you on the couch, beach, or pool laughing. We all are a little bit like Lucy in some way or another.

2.     Friendships

Ever heard a friend describe you as the Lucy to their Ethel? Or the Ethel to their Lucy? Whether it is the friendship between Ricky and Fred, or Lucy and Ethel friends are a huge part of what made the show a success. Who else was going to help, or more like talked into,  Lucy with her crazy ideas? 

3.     Lucy and Desi

Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, or Lucy and Ricky Ricardo, were actually married to each other throughout the shows run. Their chemistry and comedic timing is really what makes “I Love Lucy,” well “I Love Lucy.” Their production company even produced and was one of the leading production companies in the business (appropriately titled Desilu). 

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