20 Date Night Ideas for Broke College Students

Dates are fun times to get to know your partner better. However, they can be really expensive and take the fun out of the dates. These are just some ideas of how to have cheap fun:


  • Cheap food dates

Dates do not always have to be to somewhere classy (i.e expensive), keep it simple and cheap to Panera bread or even McDonalds. The food might not be as good but the company is the same quality


  • Arts and craft

A quick trip to a nearby craft like (e.g Michaels or Hobby lobby) to buy random crafts that you could both turn into beautiful masterpieces. Prepare for a potential paint war, get crazy together.


  • Dance class

No matter your skill level at dancing a dance class together would be fun. If you’re both great you test your. If one person is not as good the other is there to support and encourage. If you both suck you can fail and improve together, and get a really good laugh through it.


  • At home movie marathon

Beforehand make a list of all the movies you and your S/O want the other to see, and movies you would not usually watch. This helps to know their interests and exploring together.


  • Make food together at home


  • Bake


  • Binge watch

You could never really go wrong with a night of ‘Netflix and Chill’


  • Try to break a guinness world record

This is fun because the possibilities are almost endless. There is a lot of records to broken out. Try breaking a couple together, like most claps in a minutes, longest air time in a 1m jump. You can go as wild and boundless as you both want. Safety first though.


  • Stargazing

Cool night. Blankets. Cuddling. Silence. Perfection.


  • Picnic

The times are changing and people do not really go outside as much anymore. Do something old and go for a picnic. A full picnic in a park with the baskets and food and fun little games you can play together. Before it gets cold


  • Arcade

Remember when you were a kid and arcades were just the best things ever and $5 was just bank? They still are! Play some competitive arcade games together and just be kids again.


  • Camping


  • Cooking class


  • Practice massages

Full body massages are just heaven on earth. Imagine getting them from someone you have an emotional connection with. Magical.


  • Get massages

Get professional massages together. There are a couple of reasonably priced ones on Groupon.


  • Take a mini road trip

We live in a beautiful country with so many beautiful attractions around. Take the weekend of and just go on an impromptu road trip. Drive to your nearest attraction or just drive to a nearby big city to explore.


  • Pinterest pins

Pinterest is a beautiful platform with so many ideas of different things to do. Try some of those pins. We save so many pins that we want to try someday but never actually, try time with your S/O.


  • At home spa day


  • Open mic night

Host an open mic night at home with just both of you or with friends. Let it it be a night filled with beautiful and terrible singing alike, with possibly a lot of drinks to make everyone loose.


  • Board games


“You learn more about a person from an hour of play than years of conversation” - Do not remember. The point of a date is to have fun with your S/O, don’t let that be limited because you happen to be broke.