18 Things I've Learned in 18 Years

The time has come when I’m no longer considered “just a kid;” I’m officially an adult.


It’s crazy that one day you’re a child and the next you’re an adult, but that’s how this crazy world we live in works.


My 18th birthday just passed, and may I say, 18 years is a long time. In that time, I’ve learned a lot of important lessons. That being said, here are 18 of the many lessons I’ve learned in my 18 years of living:


  • Quality over quantity

When it comes to people, less is more. It is more important to have a handful of really good people in your circle than it is to have a large amount of not-so-good people.



  • Stop overthinking and start living in the moment

We waste so much of our time thinking, while we could (and should) be doing better things!



  • It’s more than okay to be wrong sometimes

Once you realize you’re wrong, admit it, because you don’t always have to be right.



  • Talk to people

Your classmates, cashiers, the people in front of you in line, whoever they are: talk to them. You never know what amazing conversations you could be missing out on.



  • Don’t be a push-over

Saying “no” is okay sometimes. If you don’t want to do something...don’t!



  • The high road is always the best road

If someone chooses to be negative, that’s cool, just make sure you don’t follow their lead. Be the bigger person and do as Selena Gomez says: kill ‘em with kindness.



  • Follow your heart, not the hearts of others

Do what you want to do, not what others want you to do. If you have big dreams, go for them.



  • Ask for help when you need it

Needing help is not a sign of weakness, and no one is going to think less of you for asking.



  • Stop stressing over things that are out of your control

The only things you should bother stressing over are the things that you can change. If you can’t change it, don’t worry about it, because it’s going to happen regardless of how you feel about it.



  • It’s okay to be proud of yourself

Be proud of your accomplishments and share them with others so they can be proud of you, too.



  • Skincare is more important than makeup

Take care of your skin. Good skin is way better than good makeup, and having good skin will make your makeup look better!



  • Everything happens for a reason

If it’s meant to be, it will always be in the end, so don’t stress when things don’t necessarily go your way at first.



  • Put down your phone and look around

Social media is great, but instead of looking at what other people are doing all the time, look up from your phone and start living life for yourself.



  • Use your planner

Time management is so important! Stop buying planners every time you go to TJ Maxx just because they’re cute, and start using one of them to get your life together.



  • Don’t take anything for granted

No matter where you are in your life, you are so blessed to be there. Someone out there is working and praying to be in your position while you’re complaining about it.



  • Crying is okay sometimes

Some days, you just need to let it out. A little chocolate and a good cry followed by a hot shower can make you feel better.



  • Be open-minded

Your opinion isn’t the only opinion and it definitely isn’t always the right one, because no opinion can be correct. Listen to what other people have to say and learn something from them.



  • Don’t worry about what other people think of you

The only opinion you should care about is your own. If someone doesn’t like you it’s okay. The only opinion that matters is your own.