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Periods suck. Ever since I got mine I’ve been on a journey to find ways to make it easier. I was met with little success until the day I finally gave a menstrual cup a try. Today, I can’t imagine ever going back. Here are the reasons I love mine and how it has made my period suck a little bit less.


Unlike pads, a properly inserted menstrual cup feels invisible. You can go about your day normally, even if your day includes swimming or a lot of physical activity. Wearing a menstrual cup allows you to feel normal and relaxed, with no strings attached…



Most menstrual cups can be worn for up to twelve hours, meaning you can sleep wearing one. This is my favorite feature of the menstrual cup, as a person who bleeds heavily, I love being able to sleep through the night without worrying about leakage. No more stained sheets!


The price of a menstrual cup may seem a little steep at first, but considering the amount of money you’ll save on pads and tampons, it’s well worth it. Different kinds of cups are available for different needs and body types and are sold in most drugstores.


Using a menstrual cup not only saves you money but helps save the environment as well. Think of all the waste produced by used pads, tampons, and wrappers each month. The reusability of the menstrual cup benefits both the individual and the environment. 

Emma is a third-year student studying Communication at the University of Illinois at Chicago.
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