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What the Insurrections Mean for the Future of America

Following the events of January 6th, I wanted to write a piece that told a story about America. In the final days of Trump’s time in office, we see a desperate ploy for him to still regain control of the White House. However, what stood out to me more than anything was the abhorrent effort to cover up the facts.

As an American, I grew up being taught to be patriotic for my country. However, the very history of that country and its contributions to colonization, white supremacy, and the bastardization of Christianity have been somewhat whitewashed. It has somewhat shown me how polarizing the media and politics are. This year we have already seen the effects of racism, bigotry, and dirty politics.

A couple of weeks ago, we saw an attempted coup. I also saw what stood out to me to be a disgusting double standard. Since the events of 911, I grew up watching Americans demonize other countries for being less civilized. Americans pride themselves on democracy. So, why is it that this election has been tampered with? Just seven short months ago, we saw a different approach to protest. Following the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, Black Lives Matter protesters were met with teargas, violence, and rubber bullets. America witnessed civilians practicing their first amendment right to assembly get assaulted, beaten, and arrested. Even then, arrested is somewhat an understatement to federal agents apprehending protestors in unarmed vehicles.

As well as the protest in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, we saw a massive widespread social media movement to support those fighting the cause. In response to the Black Lives Matter movement, we were met with nonsensical counter-movements to distract from the mission. While Americans tout their patriotic belief in support for the Blue Lives Matter movement, we’re seeing the same people destroying government buildings, attacking and assaulting officers, and threatening the lives of the U.S. Congress. On January 6th, congressmen and women came there with one goal, to confirm the results of the US presidential election.

However, due to the incitement of violence, many Americans seek to destroy our constitutional values if they don’t get their way. On the other side, we also see a mass spread movement to make our voices heard. Americans from all over the world last year participated in this election. Despite those who want to see some change in society, some people have not done enough. Some of the people who posted the black screen on social media have not mentioned the Black Lives Matter movement since.

This insurrection is merely evidence that white supremacy is so ingrained in our society that it allows domestic terrorists to have special treatment. Though I acknowledge that many have been arrested in connection to this attack, there simply hasn’t been enough done to reprimand those responsible. It is indeed appalling to see the same people who claim to be patriots disrespect the American flag and ignore the actions that led to the deaths of 5 people, including U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick. In the aftermath, the National Guard has been forced to intervene in a security measure to prevent future threats on the inauguration.

If anything, the fight is far from over. Continue to show your support for the movement however you can. You can also look into my past article on How to Support Black Lives Matter [bf_image id="4n8v5gkqr8xtxvsjhc5j89"]

Hello! My name is Tayo Omoniyi, and I am from Tinley Park, Illinois. I am a 2nd-year student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, studying Biology with a pre-medicine track. My passions are writing, travel and medicine. My ultimate career goal is to become a pediatric doctor. Outside of school, I love spending time with my family and friends. I have two younger sisters.
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