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The Upside of Starting College Undeclared

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

There is a lot of pressure on adolescents to know exactly what they are doing with their future. It certainly makes your journey easier if you know where you are going, yet there is nothing wrong with being unsure of your destination! I applied to college undeclared, and have found many benefits of doing so. 

First of all, you change a lot when you transition into college. For many of us, we are introduced to a variety of new things that ignite our curiosity. As a result, our interests and ideas modify. Being undeclared allows you to keep an open mind, without feeling committed to a certain path that simply may not be right for you. 

Furthermore, being undeclared allows you to consider all windows of intrigue in your mind. If you start university undeclared, then you automatically go into the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This college includes a spectrum of fields of study, ranging from the humanities to the social sciences. You can explore different majors, by taking your general education requirements in subjects that interest you. 

Although being undeclared may bring about a wave of anxiety at times, the end result makes up for it. Once you figure out what degree you want to pursue, you will be confident in your decision, and free of all doubt. This mindset will help you strive in your studies and future goals! 

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