Top 9 Dogs You Must Have in Your Life

Dogs come into our lives to teach us patience, unconditional love, and loss. Every dog in our life is unique and special and could never be replaced. This is why we call them “man’s best friend.”

I, unfortunately, do not own a dog, but I live vicariously through other people that have dogs. I have always been a dog person, and it pains me that I’ve never had one. So as you can believe, I’ve had 23 years to research what type of dog I want to get. So here I present to you another top nine. While there are more than just nine good boys in the world (and I do love all dogs), these are the top ten puppers I would love to have some day in my life:


German Shepherd 

These big dogs of fluffiness are known for being loyal and protective. However, they need lots of room to run around and do what German Shepherds do. Unless I end up living on a few acres, this type of dog wouldn’t be ideal. But maybe some day!




Look at those wrinkles!!!




These dogs are giant scruffy teddy bears! They’re so fluffy, they should call them Flufferdoodles instead! Labradoodles are so friendly, happy, and have lots of energy. They make my heart melt.


Great Dane

This dog is even more unrealistic for me, moreso than a German Shepherd. Unless I plan on living on a couple acres, this one may sadly never happen for me. They are such kind and sweet souls. They have no idea how big they are and act like lap dogs. 



Oh, the ears! And the short stubby legs! SO CUTE! You’d get endless cuddles from this dog.



Besides the floppy ears, these dogs don’t get very large. This type of dog would be a bit more realistic for me in the near future. What’s not to love about these adorable pups!




Other than being the Cesar dog food spokespup, these dogs are cute in all their white furriness! When they come back from a trip to the groomers, they look like little clouds of happiness. Westies will always be your cuddle buddies. I get excited whenever I see one out and about. Hopefully someday my dream of having one will become a reality.


Golden Retriever

via MEME

I blame Air Buddies for this one. I have never seen a single Golden Retriever that didn’t look happy to interact with people. Even when they grow up and become old boys, they are still so sweet and lovable. If I was ever a dog, I would be a Golden Retriever. They are social and love people.



#1 and #2 are so hard to decide between. I love them both, equally. In all honesty, I may end up getting both because every dog needs a friend, right? Aussies are SO CUTE! Their multicolored patches and mismatched eye colors make them the most adorable things I have ever seen. In fact, I almost ended up with one the other day. She stole my heart but wasn’t about to steal my wallet. That’s a main reason why it’s important to adopt a rescue. But for your enjoyment, I’ll just show you just how cute that little girl was.

In all honesty, I love dogs so much, I might end up with all nine. However, If you are also looking to get a dog someday, remember my list is not exclusive. There are more doggies out there that need loving homes other than these nine types of dogs. Dogs are little angels that were sent down to earth for the sole purpose to love and to be loved.