Top 10 Craziest Halloween Costumes

So I debated writing about Halloween a whole month early, but here we are. Spooky season is upon us and that means you may or may not be scrolling through Pinterest trying to figure out what this year’s costume will be. While 90% of you will make a classic choice like a witch, vampire, or even a Starbucks worker to display your undying loyalty to the franchise…there is the other 10% who will dress up as something far-out and wacky. That’s why I’m giving you my top outrageous Halloween costumes this year. I searched the VERY depths of the internet and I am here to present my top 10:


Holy Guacamole

From avocado toast to guacamole, avocados are all the rage nowadays. Why not dress up as the trendiest food on the planet? NOT! I get this one is supposed to be punny, but without the title I would have thought it was "Holy Avocado." Maybe it's just me.


A Foot 

How anyone would want to be something associated with the smelliest and most unflattering part of the human anatomy is beyond me. The fact that it has fake hairs on the toes makes this number 9 on this list. But hey, maybe you could paint the nails a nice shade of orange and it would be more bearable. 



In my opinion, there is nothing glamorous about a “human trashcan.” While this costume might require the least effort, keep your guard up because you never know if someone will toss their trash in your direction. Less effort yet most likely to get you dirty lands this costume at number 8.


Inflatable Car Guy

Cute but this doesn’t quite scream Halloween. Save this one for the car dealership lots.


Inflatable Cowboy Riding a ShrimpWhy? Just why? I wouldn’t even know what to call this costume if it didn’t already have a name. It doesn’t make any sense and doesn’t seem like it would be a costume that would be easy to move around in.



Apparently Thanksgiving came early? I’m not quite sure how people came to the conclusion that this was an appropriate choice for Halloween, but here it is. Unless this is an episode of “Friends,” keep the turkey off of your head. 


Praying Mantis

I’m not a fan of bugs to begin with, so it should be no surprise that this one ends up at number 4. Have any of you ever seen a praying mantis up close? Um. Gross. My 5th grade class had one as a pet and would feed it other insects. I think I’m permanently scarred from that, so please…no praying mantis costumes.


A Jellyfish

While this does look like something wacky I’d see on the runway, I don’t think this is a very ideal costume. What if it’s windy? How do you see? Is this as heavy as it looks? So many questions left unanswered. 


Hot Dog

Who puts ketchup on a hotdog?


Corn on the Cob

Nothing says you’re from the Midwest more than dressing up as a corn on the cob around harvest season. If you are from the southern part of Chicago like me, you have seen an abundance of corn around this time. However, this does not give the justification to dress up as one for Halloween.

So there is my top 10 most outrageous costumes. With that being said, I hope I don’t come across any of these on Halloween night. I’m sure there are more outrageous costume out there, but hopefully I’ve enlightened you to stick with something classic this year. Not sure what I’ll be this year, but maybe I’ll be the holy guacamole. Just kidding!