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TMYLM Tour Took Over March!

September through March were huge months for Demi Lovato fans. In the last days of September, her newest album, ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ (TMYLM) was released. Early October, she released her YouTube documentary, ‘Simply Complicated,’ where she opens up about her struggles with addiction, relationships- basically, the backstory for TMYLM.

On the 26th, Lovatics were shook when she tweeted, announcing a tour for TMYLM. Later that day, in another tweet, she revealed her guest, DJ Khaled and the tour dates. Finally, as mentioned in a previous article, she announced Kehlani, as another guest. 

On March 9th, The Allstate Arena, in Rosemont, was blessed. After a lot of debating, and finally being able to convince my brother for the early birthday present, I was able to not only purchase a ticket, but also buy a VIP pass for Kehlani!  

I go to therapy to not only overcome assault, but also to overcome this ongoing fight I’ve had with myself. I’ve gotten used to bad days and even bad weeks. I wish I would’ve been in a stronger place for this night, emotionally and mentally, but it most definitely put me in a better place. To be able to see these two strong, incredible women and a very lit, amazing father spread their messages and to have been able to vibe with them and even meet one of them- WHOA BABY. I don’t know why I stayed holding her hand like that; damn near gripping and shit, lol. My stomach was going crazy with butterflies and I was just trynna figure out what was gonna come out of my cheesing hard face. @kehlani , I meant what I said; (incase you forgot) you truly are so genuine and just a beautiful person and I thank you for that. Your energy is amazing and it really comes through in your music and I live for it. It has and continues to mean a lot to me. I’m so proud of all your accomplishments! @ddlovato couldn’t have picked a better person to bring along and spread the beauty of unconditional love for others and oneself. You guys are inspiring! Thank you so much for a great night. ????? #tellmeyoulovemetour

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I find it super dope when artists will reveal their imperfections, as a way to not only heal themselves, but also to help others heal. Kehlani’s energy intrigued me, right away, and I’ve loved Demi since the movie Camp Rock. Her more recent work, particularly her albums, Demi, Confident, and TMYLM, had me connecting with her, so much. Being someone who’s been through many situations, both their music and their stories give me strength and inspiration. As for DJ Khaled, I’ve never considered myself as a huge fan, but I gained a lot more love for him when Ashad came about and much more respect after this tour. Demi couldn’t have chosen a better pair.

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