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Talk Facts, Not Smack

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

Why is that when people turn their backs we’re so quick to talk smack? We clear our throats and speak with no tact about rumors that are backed by no facts.

But when that one fella forgets his hat, do you run up to him and give it back? No, we swallow a few times, look up behind him, and our limbs stay intact. We reassure ourselves by creating doubt and asking ourselves, “Was it even his hat?”

When you hear a friend stereotype a race that isn’t hers, even though we may be at a loss of words, we shouldn’t simply squirm. Set her aside and tell her what’s right.

When an officer notices his buddy act out of malicious intent, does he stand up or just sit back and allow it to ferment?

These are questions I ask, because I am in fact tired. Tired of the bystanders.

You claim your situation is different or this is all just exaggerated, but I bet those who witnessed any injustice in the past said just that. It may be part of human nature to make excuses, but I see it as people saying “deuces.”

Don’t tell me you’re not informed enough to act. You don’t need to read up on a Wikipedia article to know about the facts, like racism is in the haps. Nor do you have to Google the definition of bullying to be sure you just saw some sullying. I can’t hear another person say their speech isn’t articulate enough or being brave is too tough. I’m tired because we’re human. It’s an inherent part of us to be able to recognize right from wrong. We can tell when someone has been hurt or has experienced some injustice. It’s time to clear our throats for something better, and stop being apathetic bystanders.

I'm a Sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently I'm studying Computer Science and I'm very passionate about getting other girls to join me in STEM majors. In my free time I love exploring Chicago and finding new dessert and coffee shops. A few things I'm in love with include basketball, boneless wings, and Gilmore girls.
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