Sustainable Fashion Brands That Will Make You Feel Like A Fashion Superhero!

We've all heard it already, fast fashion is bad for the environment. Fast fashion is clothes that are overproduced, cheaply produced, and sold at a low price. People are quick to buy fast fashion because it's inexpensive and trendy. When they get tired of their $5 tee shirt, they just dispose of it. However, fast fashion uses toxic chemicals that pollute our environment. In fact, textile waste is one of the leading causes of pollution in the world. As a result, many fashion retailers are beginning to create sustainable clothing using environmentally-friendly textiles. Although they tend to cost more money, these clothes will last you a lot longer. This is because sustainable fashion brands value quality over quantity.

1. Reformation- So many celebrities are rocking Reformation lately and it's easy to see why. Beyond just being good for the environment, Reformation makes clothes that are cute and trendy. In order to truly see what was so great about this brand, I bought a dress from them and the quality is unmatched. I've worn this dress to my internship and to family parties and it is still as soft as it was when I got it.

2. Eileen Fisher- A brand that tends to be on the more expensive side, the care tag on Eileen Fisher clothes kindly ask consumers to recycle their products or bring it to one of their retailers when they no longer want to own it. Eileen Fisher clothes range from basics like tees made with organic cotton to stunning silk garments for when you are feeling fancy.

3. Everlane- Everlane features beautiful, classic pieces. They don't strive to fit current fashion trends but create stylish clothes that can be worn for years to come. This company is definitely one of my go-to's when I'm looking for business casual clothes. Everlane prioritizes communicating the cost of making each of their products, something they call "radical transparency." They promise that their quality fabrics and ethical standards will make your clothes last.

4. Patagonia- A leader in the sustainable fashion industry, Patagonia's outdoor apparel is not only cute but efficient and good for the environment.  They even have a repair and reuse program! So why not hit the outdoors in fabrics that won't harm the outdoors!

5. People Tree- Another brand that respects people and the planet, People Tree prioritizes environmental responsibility. Their collections feature the handmade skills that make their clothing beautiful and ethically responsible. 

So, whether you're at the mall, online shopping, or even thrift shopping, keep an eye out for some of these brands! The products I listed are only ones that I am familiar with but there are 100s of other sustainable fashion brands that you can learn more about here.