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The Safety Products You Need For Your Night Out This Halloween

Halloween is coming up and if you’re like me, you are already starting to make plans! But unfortunately, as women, we have to take extra safety precautions when going out, especially at night. The company “Sabre” has various safety products out on the market, but there are two in particular that I believe women should have when preparing for a night out: the personal alarm with key ring and the drink test kit.   

When I first got the Sabre personal alarm, I was pretty curious. In the past, I have used pepper spray for personal safety, but I have never had a personal alarm. The alarm was very simple to use, actually more simple than my own pepper spray. All you have to do is clip your alarm to your bag, purse, or lanyard and when you want to activate the alarm you simply pull the pin out. The alarm then sounds a 120 dB alarm that can be heard from 600 feet away and will definitely startle your roommates when you are testing it out. When walking alone at night, I find myself being more grateful for my personal alarm than my pepper spray because it is really easy to use and you don’t have to aim like you do with pepper spray, which can be crucial in an emergency.  

Another definite must-have for your night out on Halloween is the Sabre drink test kit. We all hear the warning to never leave your drink alone, but sometimes, you just can’t watch your drink the entire night. These test strips can test your alcoholic or nonalcoholic drink for dangerous drugs like GHB and Ketamine. It is really easy to use. You just place a drop of your drink on both circles of one test strip and wait until it dries. If either circle turns a darker blue color, that means that possible drugs have been detected in your drink. This is a great tool which can help women escape awful and dangerous situations.

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It is unfortunate that women have to take these extra precautions when it comes to our safety, but companies like “Sabre” take the extra step to help us protect ourselves against danger. Be sure to get the Sabre personal alarm and drink test kit to protect yourself because your night out this Halloween should be spooky and fun, but not scary.

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Mia is a sophomore at UIC pursuing a double major in history and Spanish. She is also pursuing a double minor in museum studies and social justice.
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