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Rihanna Stirs Controversy by Doing “S&M”

No, Rihanna did not make a sex tape. However, the pop princess did release the music video for her new single “S&M.”


“S&M” on the surface is just a dance track about, well, the joys of S&M. However, the song and video hold a deeper meaning in which Rihanna is basically sticking up the middle finger to those who say she is too raunchy.
The music video, which was released this past Tuesday, showcases Rihanna in some pretty sexual moments. Highlights include Rihanna walking gossip blogger Perez Hilton like a dog, whipping people in a chamber in a futuristic latex outfit, and eating a banana very seductively.
The video has some similar elements of her previous hit “Rude Boy,” except on a higher level of naughtiness. The video has already been banned in 11 countries and you have to be 18 or older to view it on YouTube. Britain’s BBC Radio 1 restricts the airplay of the song itself until after 7 p.m.
Personally, I think the song and video are brilliant. Not only is it sexy, but it also does a great job in provoking critics to bash her, which is what Rihanna intended to do. The song and video will undoubtedly be smash hits, especially with all of the media attention they are getting. Expect this song to be playing at all the parties in Chicago.


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