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Realizing That Life Is Precious

While driving to the store, I got a tear-jerking call from my brother. One of his best friends and whom he went to his senior prom with died in a car crash. Sam Salvador was 20 years old, a sophomore at Valparaiso University, a sister of Chi Omega, and a Nursing student.

When I met Sam, she was so beautiful. Yes, she was physically beautiful, but her nature and her radiance were more of a factor than anything else. She was so kind and eloquent; she was truly a beautiful human being. Although I didn’t know her very long, she truly made a small impact in my life, but also an impact in the world. This moment, made me realize how precious life is. It made me realize how this life is not at all guaranteed nor is it promised. Life can be taken in an instant.

Photo by Nick Price

When we sit here and complain about how crappy our lives are, we aren’t really living our life to the fullest. We aren’t living to our true potential and not making the impacts that we should. Remember friends, live life to the fullest. Live to your potential, love on everyone you can and lastly be thankful for you life on earth. 

Senior at the University of Illinois-Chicago, studying Integrated Health, with a Nursing goal!
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