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Post-Election Hate Crimes Are On The Rise And We Have To Listen To These Stories

Within days of the election results, hate speech has turned into hate crimes. If you want to see change you have to acknowledge the problem and listen carefully. The following are real stories of experiences individuals have had this past week:

1. Children are being sexually assaulted

2. People can’t pump gas in peace. 

3. Freedom of religion is being threatened

4. As well as democracy

5. People are being attacked

6. Our youth is grieving 

7. People are afraid to pray


8. Racial slurs are nonchalant 

9. People are being robbed

10. People are being hit with metal objects

I'm a Sophomore at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently I'm studying Computer Science and I'm very passionate about getting other girls to join me in STEM majors. In my free time I love exploring Chicago and finding new dessert and coffee shops. A few things I'm in love with include basketball, boneless wings, and Gilmore girls.
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