The Poetic Corner: I Pretend

I looked at his strange, piercing glances

The ones that touched the wounded parts of me

Listened to his long drawn out stutters and bumbles and “I don’t knows”

And watched as he swayed back and forth nervously.

A nervous tick, you see

Cowering, waiting for the words to come

But, they never did.

The words never came.


And, so I sat, my arms folded across my chest.

My confusion transformed into anger and irritation

Observing the stranger in front of me.

Dejected, lonesome, and miserable, he so seemed.

So, I set him free. And firmly said “Goodbye.”


“Ok,” he answered, through forged tears.

And he never said anything more.

And, even, as he walked away.

I could hear him whisper “forever”

But, nevertheless, I slammed the door behind him.

And screamed words I didn’t mean.

“Don’t come back,” I yelled.


And now we’re strangers.

Strangers who know one another quite well

But, nevertheless, I pretend

I pretend we never met.

I pretend you don’t matter.

I pretend that this is easy.

But it’s not.

And I pretend that this was never real.

But it was.

And I pretend you never meant anything to me.

But you did.

You certainly did.


I pretend that I’m not disappointed.

But I am.

And I pretend that you didn’t shatter my heart.

But you did.

I pretend that I’m fine.

I pretend.

But I’m not.