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Out with the Boring Suit and in with the Business Chic!

‘Tis the season to be professional! Fall interview season is officially here! Now that classes are well underway, it’s time to land that interview or internship. As a sophomore in the College of Business here at UIC, I definitely have times where I need to dress professionally, whether it’s for a class presentation or a job interview. Having trouble on your professional wear? Here’s where I can help!

Deciding what to wear to a job interview or a career fair can be tough. As girls, we tend to change our minds as often as we change our outfits. You might spend hours rummaging through your closet trying to find something to impress top-notch companies. Think it’s impossible to look professional, but fashionable at the same time? Wrong! Dressing in business attire and looking classy is definitely possible! Wearing a suit might seem a little intimidating at first, but with these simple fashion tips, you will turn heads and leave a lasting impression on potential employers.

Who says suits have to be boring and plain? One of the best and easiest tricks is adding color to your outfit! Mix and match a black blazer with a cream colored top underneath. There is nothing wrong with the traditional white dress top, but instead of simple, go for bold! Wear tops that have bow ties or even ruffles to add flavor to a regular button up blouse. If you really want to try something daring, mix it up, and wear a white or subtle light pink blazer with black bottoms. Just make sure those skirts aren’t too short, ladies! I’d go for a high-waisted form fitting black skirt that is just above knee length. Top it off with a cute, ruffle piece and fitting blazer, and you’re all set for your interview!  

Nicole is a proud city girl born and raised in beautiful Chicago. She is currently a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago as a Business Marketing major and a part of the Women's Line Up Team at Nike Chicago. She loves everything to do with fitness & health, music, urban life, and sports! In her spare time she loves to run, ride her fixie along the lakefront, do yoga, and volunteer! She is a die hard Chicago Bulls fan with a huge sweet tooth. Nicole's dream is to have a career in marketing with a focus in brand management or advertisement and sales promotion.
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