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Noe Zuniga

 Name: Noe Zuniga

Age: 22

Desired Career: FBI  

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Frat affiliation?  Sigma Lambda Beta International

Q: Some of your favorite hobbies or Interest?
A: “Weight lifting, gym, dancing (strolling). Right now I’m in a six week training program; I have to be in shape for the military.”

Q: What qualities do you look for in a girl?
A: “Caring, trustworthy; somebody who can deal with me because I’m stubborn and belligerent.”

Q: What is the first physical characteristic you look at in a girl?
A: “Smile. It tells a lot about a person. You can tell if it is genuine, it’s a good set up for conversation and can lead to a relationship.”

Q: What kind of advice would you offer to someone going into, or is currently in a relationship?
A: Try to deal with each other as much as you can.  Compromising is key. I know I had to learn to be less problematic and laid back.”

Wise words Noe! Perhaps the rest of us will be lucky enough to find a single guy with such knowledge. Oh well, maybe next time ladies.

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