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Newness: the gist and why I love it!

Newness is a movie that came out, towards the end of last year – November 2017. It’s about the life of two young adults, struggling with dating/relationships, during the modern age of social media and apps – they are Martin Hallock and Gabi Silva.

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Martin, (Nicholas Hoult), is a recently divorced, pharmacist, who uses social media and apps to look for women to date and hook-up. Gabi, (Laia Costa), is a Spanish physical therapist, who uses her accounts strictly for hook-ups, as she says, she’s in search for someone who can make her cum.

Through the app and after they both had prior dates gone wrong, they met up and have an instant connection, which ends in some very hot sex – Gabi finally finding someone who made her orgasm. The two engage in a serious and pretty fast moving relationship, where all their insecurities come into the light; they both struggle with commitment issues, past issues, and putting their phones down!

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It’s a crazy, emotional roller coaster; nevertheless, after watching it, two things spoke out to me:

1. The Genuity of ‘love,’ today.

The relationship started through an app, initially as a hook-up, but their connection was instant. It was really intense, but was it really love? While Gabi struggled with staying committed and interested, Martin was yearning for closure with his ex-wife. They also deactivated all of their accounts, together, which they both kept falling back into; not to mention, that they both cheated – even when they agreed to an open relationship! It seems the question is “are the new online ways to look for ‘love,’ or even sex, even worth it? Or healthy, for that matter?”

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2. Communication is key.

Granted their relationship did not seem healthy, things always brightened up when they talked. Their first problem started when Gabi found out about Martin’s past and tried to talk, but Martin shut her down; that led to both of them cheating. Next, they went to see a therapist and began to communicate; they were honest, which led to an open relationship, which, actually, Gabi wanted a little more than Martin. Things started to go bad when Gabi started getting too close to someone she was seeing and when Martin found out his ex-wife became a mom – they both shut down, again, which ended the relationship. At the end, though, they talked it out, once again, and honesty lead them to give it another shot.

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You can’t help but be moved by the intensity and even attracted to the sexiness; however, as much as you love the connection between the two – especially that communication! – you can’t help but question if they’re good for each other, which I feel is the gist of the story – it’s meant to make viewers reflect on ‘the modern’ way of dating. I love it! It’s genius! Therefore, I recommend it, collegiettes!

Hey there! I'm Dolores Contreras, but call me Lola! I am a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing and minoring in Sociology. This is my first semester writing for HerCampus and I'm super excited! It's not just a chance to get more involved on campus, but it's also creating this door of opportunities for life after college, ya' know? And what's best? Putting my writing to work! Yas! 
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