The New "Mario Kart" App

Be prepared to waste even more time on your phone, "Mario Kart" is now an app!

Last Wednesday, Nintendo launched a mobile version of the popular racing game, "Mario Kart," called “Mario Kart Tour." Unfortunately, you can’t start racing right away after downloading the game from the App Store. First, you need to register a Nintendo account and log-in in order to play.Prospective players should also know that while "Mario Kart Tour" might be free to play, the app offers a subscription called the Gold Pass, which costs $4.99 per month. Gold Pass gets players Gold Gifts, in-game badges, and also 200cc races. However, once the Gold Pass expires, you unfortunately won't be able to use the benefits. Nevertheless, the game is still fun without the Gold Pass and is a way to play a great game from your childhood while on the go!