My Holiday Wish List

What is on my Christmas List

For the past three years, I have been away for Christmas, but this year I will be staying in Illinois. The first two years, I went to visit my dad in India and then last year I went to see my niece in California, who was born a month prior (11/23). While I was able to see my sisters last year, I am used to not seeing them for Christmas. I think I have only been to California during Christmas time twice. So even with COVID-19 and not being able to gather in large groups, this Christmas will not be that different for me. 

I can already predict that online shopping will be huge this year. Usually, I like to buy everything in stores, wrap it up, and ship it off. Wrapping the presents still gives it a Christmas touch. However, this year it is advised to avoid stores. Shopping online also opens up a lot more options to gift your loved ones.

Little by little, I have compiled my list, whenever I see something interesting (that I secretly wish I can buy for myself), I add it to my Christmas list. Then I find which person in my family I think will like that gift. My budget for this year is $30-35 per person, so a lot of cuts had to be made. I put those items on the side for birthdays. 


My list 

To-do, list, paper, pen, journal Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters from Unsplash

Work from Home

A lot of us will be working from home, so here are some items to make it easier:

Cleaning Keyboard- this slime is perfect for those working from home. You probably have been using your keyboard even more than usual and now working from home you eat near your computer and get it dirty. 

Computer Stand- This brings your laptop to your eye-level and helps avoid hunching over and thus reduces back/neck aches.

Blue Light Blocking Computer Screen or Phone Screen Saver- I recently bought my mom this and she told me it actually made a difference. So, I bought myself one, too (they are currently having a 30% off sale using "BLUEFRIDAY"). Once I get my screen, I definitely will make a more in-depth article of the benefits. 

Enhanced Seat Cushion - My mom is a bilingual assistant teacher and spends hours on Zoom every day (shout out to all of the teachers). She complained to me about her back hurting and I found this great cushion. Besides for teachers teaching virtually, it is also great for students on the receiving end. 


L’Oreal Water Wonder Revive Hair- I saw great reviews for this and it makes an inexpensive gift for those who love doing their hair.

Jack Black Skin Savior- Men need skincare routines, too! This set is such a great deal because it comes with everything, even lip balm. So if the guy in your life is overwhelmed by skincare, this is the perfect set to start them out.

Scrunchies from HoliChicbyMegha- These scrunchies are made from traditional Indian fabrics. I love scrunchies because it is harder to lose them and easier to put on/take off.


SoapSox- This is a Black-Owned business that I found on the Target website. These plushes come in different characters and are designed for the bathtub. You put soap in it and your child can play with the toy while getting clean.

Crayola Washable Palm Grasp- Now that I have a niece, I have been seeing so many toys I have never heard of before. Palm grasp crayons make perfect sense for toddlers who are learning to grasp items. This is recommended for toddlers 3 years and older. 

Water Wipes- These are the most natural wipes that you can get "Simply Two Ingredients: Our Fragrance-Free Baby Wipes Contain 99.9% Water With Just a Drop of Fruit Extract". They come in different amounts, so you can either make it a stocking stuffer or the whole gift. This is great for the baby who is just starting to eat solid foods and will guarantee a big mess. 

    The Pigeon Needs a Bath Book- I thought this set was so cute and it is a complete gift in itself. Plus, Semi-Colon is a great book store to support. They are the only Black-Woman-owned Book & Gallery in Chicago!


    Red Lobster Biscuit- Yes you read that correctly, Red Lobster is packaging their famous biscuits in gift boxes to be delivered locally to your family. If you have someone in your family that is obsessed with these biscuits, then for $11 (for half a dozen), their biscuit dreams can come true.

    Fabbri Cherries- I saw these cherries on a YouTube video, featuring Giada De Laurentiis, where she went to her favorite Italian grocery store and showed what she bought. I love the container it comes in -- it looks like a gift by itself. You can pair it with some ice cream and you have a complete gift, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.


    Scrumptious Wicks Candles- The owner takes inspiration from her Indian roots to create unique scented candles, like her Fall collection: cinnamon chai, rosemary pomegranate, and cardamon apple. You can buy these candles individually or in gift sets. 

    LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls- Wool dryer balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets. It reduces your drying time and prevents static when folding your laundry. This is also a Black Owned brand and if you follow their Instagram (loohoowooldryerballs) they have deals sometimes. I was able to get 3 wool balls for $25, including shipping, on a random Instagram deal.

    Mesh Beach Bag- As mentioned before, my sisters live in California and my niece loves the beach. I found this bag on Nazanin Kavari’s YouTube channel, who also has a baby. I figured this bag will be perfect to keep snacks, drinks, diapers, and towels, all in one place. There will be more room to carry your baby and not multiple bags.

    Be Hip- My mom loves getting plastic straws from restaurants and I found a more sustainable alternative. I love these straws because you can open them up to clean them, so no straw brush is needed. I get grossed out by the metal straws, so I feel like this is cleaner.


    Emergen-C- This is a stocking stuffer that is handy because Vitamin C is great for your immunity.

    Target Sweater- Target has some great clothing for men, women, and children.