"On My Block" Season 2!

The Netflix original “On My Block” returns March 2019!

The hit series "On My Block" recently released its new trailer for its second season. The first clip released has no dialogue, but is a non-cut camera shot with tons of spoilers and suspense.

The show had ended its first season with a heavy cliffhanger with Olivia and Ruby being shot by Latrelle, who was supposed to have been killed by Caesar. Alongside this tragedy, Jamal had found the “Rollerworld” money, when no one thought he would have. The final scene covers both Ruby and Olivia being rushed to the hospital, while Jamal rides his bike right past them with a bag filled with money.

I remember screaming at my laptop, demanding for a second season ASAP.

The new trailer shows Ruby, Caesar, Jamal and Monse all gathered up when Jamal declares that he found the “Rollerworld” money. It's important to note that Ruby is seen well and healthy, which indicates that he survived getting shot. However, Olivia (Ronni Hawk) is not seen in any of the teaser photos or trailers, which indicate that the writers of “On My Block” might’ve killed off her character.

A few months back, actress Ronni Hawk received a lot of backlash for expressing her support for President Donald Trump through twitter. OMB fans were furious at Hawk for being a “trump supporter” because she plays a Latino character, who is forced to live with Ruby because her parents were deported. Likewise, the show stands out for its diverse and Latino-based cast. Fans were relieved that Hawk was kicked off the show because of the hypocrisy on her playing a large representative role, yet have contradicting beliefs against it.

"On My Block" is set to be released on Netflix on March 29th, 2019!