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Music Blog: “Give In” to the Band of the Week

Who is On An On?

Well, HC readers, meet indie trio formed by husband and wife, Nate Eisland and Alissa Ricci and their friend, Ryne Estwing. I first saw this Chicago-nurtured group as Scattered Trees when they opened for Two Door Cinema Club two years ago. After visiting the Windy City again this December and March to play Schuba’s Tavern, their tour picked up heat at the renowned SXSW festival in Texas as Time magazine’s #1 “New Band to See.”

The “MTV Buzzworthy” Midwesterners reemerged on the music scene after losing a few members, returning with a new name and more distinct sound. The songs generated for On An On’s debut album walk the line between gloom and gleam. Songwriter Nate is no stranger to reflecting on darker material, writing the last Scattered Trees’ album, Sympathy, to cope with the death of his father. However, in a more honest expression, contextually and artistically, Give In emerges. Songs stem from a struggle between tension and release. A swirl of weighty percussion, ethereal echoes, and experimental sounds illuminate the tracks. Each one contributes its own energy and edge, completing a cohesive album with a beautiful spectrum of raw, produced and distorted sounds.  

Listen to this local band’s heavy yet empowering singles, “The Hunter,” (also from my Top 13 of 2013 playlist) and “Ghosts” below!



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