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If you’ve seen Monsters University, then you’ll understand and love this article! If you haven’t then we’ll give you a brief rundown of what the movie is about. It goes back to how Sully and Mike met in college before they became best friends as we see in Monsters Inc. Monsters University, of course, had a Greek Life and our favorite characters joined the fraternity Oozma Kappa to compete in the Scaring Games, which is their version of Greek Games. Though these frats may consist of monsters, they bare very similar characteristics to frats of our very own.

Roar Omega Roar: This is your elite fraternity.  They are the favorite fraternity on campus as well as the most popular. They host the best parties, play in every sport, work most places throughout campus and are always lurking around. Even those outside of Greek life know who they are and what frat they belong to.

Jaws Theta Chi: They are the jock fraternity and the meatheads. They are always supporting other organizations by attending their events or donating to their cause; they also participate in their events and show their love on social media for other organizations.

Oozma Kappa: They are your nice guy fraternity. They are gentlemen and well put together. You can usually find these men studying the night away at the library if you need a helping hand.

Gamma Roar Roar: This is the smart guy fraternity. They are normally pretty quiet and you may not hear a lot about them, but when you do it’s usually for some new accomplishment or an award a brother won. What we do know about these men, we heard directly from the source and not an outside force.

We’re sure a fraternity popped into your head when you read about the Monsters University fraternities, so they are easily relatable to real life fraternities.  What can we say, Disney’s Pixar will always be relatable no matter your age!

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