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Matthew Sobczak

Matthew Sobczak is a very ambitious person who has the goal of one day climbing Mount Everest by the age 35. He says, “I mean what’s the point of living if you end up dying regretting not fulfilling life’s biggest risks, challenges, and rewards? Yeah I have a 1/4 chance of death and high chance of frostbite, I just have to say my personal motto “you only live once, no regrets.”
Matthew is pursuing degree in Communications. He explains, “I pursued it mainly because I love being creative yet communications allows for a structured environment… and let’s be honest I can’t do math or science for the life of me, Finance was a bad start.” After graduation, he hopes to get a Public Relations job in Chicago but he says he wouldn’t mind moving to London.
He got his first internship at Gallery 400 as communication intern when he applied late last year. The University of Illinois at Chicago supports Gallery 400, which features great contemporary exhibits and the museum is free to everyone. He says he does everything from update their website, social media and he does everything to get the art gallery’s name out there. He has a special interest in art and he says, “I also like to sit at the art institute like a nerd and look at “Paris Street, Rainy Day” by Gustave Caillebotte.”
He hosts his own radio show “Urban|Connection” on Friday nights from 5 to 7 p.m. on UIC radio, which is the UIC run web-only radio station. The show features may contemporary topics and new music from anywhere in the world. On the UIC radio you can hear a lot of British grime music since he is a big fan of it. He explains it as the British version of hip-hop
Matthew also works at the UIC Campus Recreation Facility. He says, “I’m pretty sure, I spend more time there than at my real home. I guarantee that if you are there on a weekday, you’ll see me somewhere in that vast playground of weights, stairs, etc. I love my co-workers, they are like a family to me.”

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