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Make Cash Quick Without Leaving the Couch

Want to make extra cash but want to do it out the convenience of your own home? No this isn’t an article about a pyramid scheme but something legitimately practical. 




Poshmark is a beauty and clothing resale platform similar to eBay. Many products you can find on this site are anywhere from preloved “high-end products” like Louis Vuitton or Lancôme to brand new Patagonia’s and Hunter boots. You can follow other people’s pages (also called closets) who have clothing that fit your style. In return people can follow you to get the scoop on your new listings!



While this site is great for cheap finds, you can also sell those clothes you’ve been wanting to get rid of.

You can create an account and take trendy pictures of clothes you want to sell.

Let’s break down the selling process into a series of steps.

  1. Take picture of what you would like to sell
  2.  In the details, write a description of what you’re selling

  3. Select the category that your item falls under to increase the chances of a buyer coming across your listing

   4. Lastly, post the price! No need to worry about taxes, Poshmark already factors your overall earnings with taxes included…this is roughly around $3.

     5. Share your listing! You also have the option to post your Poshmark listing to Facebook or Pinterest to gain more views on your item!



From there, people can bid on your items, you can offer someone who likes your post a discount on the item or shipping, or the person can overall buy it for the asking price.

“But Olivia, what happens if I sell an item?”

Oh, I’m so glad you asked!

When someone purchases something from your closet, you get a notification in not only the app, but also your email. Poshmark will calculate your earnings and email you a FREE shipping label! The buyer pays for their own shipping, so you don’t even have to worry about anything other than enjoying your hard-earned cash! After that, pack up your sale and drop it off at your local USPS or schedule a pick-up with your mail carrier.

I find Poshmark more convenient than Facebook sale pages (of which I’ve used quite often in the past), as you don’t have to schedule times to meet with a buyer. You won’t get stood up at a sale and basically can sell without ever having to leave your house!

So who says you can’t make money in your pajamas? So far, I’ve made $100 in the past few months!

So what are you waiting for! Get Poshing!

I'm a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My major is Communication with a concentration in public relations. Writing has always been my passion and HC lets me utilize my love for it. On the weekends you can find me binge watching Netflix shows like The Office or Parks and Rec. I'm also a sucker for Dunkin Donuts and cute puppies!
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