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Life, Love and Legacy: Remembering Selena

To many, March 31, 2020 represents 25 years since the death of legendary singer Selena. Selena Quintanilla Perez, better know under the monomym Selena, was a Tejano singer, songwriter, model and fashion designer. In rememberance of what many considered to be an icon in her own right, it’s necessary to highlight her achievements. 

She was a philanthropist 

As an artist, Selena gave to charity and always had a generous personality. Even after her passing, her charity, The Selena Foundation, continues to generate millions of dollars for charity and scholarships to support students. Countless local charities and scholarships are bound to benefit from sales of Selena’s clothing line. 

She was a fashion icon 

Working in a male-dominated industry, Selena became a legend in her own right with her classic performance outfits. Selena became known for simple, yet elegant fashion which eventually led to her designing her own clothing line. 

Her fans were everything 

Selena will always be remembered by many for her charismatic personality. After her concerts, Selena would be in line for hours signing autographs, not leaving until she at least met everyone.

Even today, as fans are unable to gather due to social distancing, they still pay tribute to Selena’s legacy reminding us that her contributions to music and culture will never be forgotten.

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