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A Letter To The Girl That Overthinks

Dear Girl That Overthinks,

This letter isn’t one to make you feel bad because I’m a girl that overthinks every little thing. We can’t help, but to overthink things because we like to know every possible outcome and reasoning. We’re rational and logical people. We weigh all of our options and try to find the best possible outcome. The question we need to ask ourselves though is: is overthinking limiting us?

I know this is something that I rarely like coming to terms with, so this is a work in progress for me as I’m sure it is for you. Is overthinking limiting us? It sounds silly to ask because right off the bat we’ll say no. We’ll say no because in our my minds we can’t understand how thinking about every possible outcome in situation is a bad thing. It isn’t a bad thing by any means and I’m not being biased, since I do overthink things. It does limit us in a way though. It limits us because we might not go for something because we way more bad than good. 

It can vary from so many situations. It can be about a major. We might not go for a major because of how hard and rigorous it might be. We might not go for an internship because we don’t think we’re qualified enough for the job and think others might be better suited when we’re in the group interview. We won’t go for a guy because of all of the risks he might come with such as his exs, who his friends are, and just the rumors we hear.

You wanna know what I have to say to all of that? Stop thinking about it! That’s right I said stop thinking about. We need to take moments where we just go with the flow without overanalyzing every tiny detail. Life isn’t about always finding the best possible outcome, but living life to the fullest. Take that jump and just trust everything will go great. Take the chance because it might be something you’ll regret if you don’t. Take that risk because life is about the small moments. Are you going to let life pass you by or live in the moments?

Remember I said I’m a work in progress, so I understand that trying not to overthink is going to be hard. I’m not saying to completely stop overthinking things because there are moments where you do need to take the time to think. Don’t let it consume you though. Sometimes going with the flow is the better option. From one girl that overthinks to another, going with the flow is a good option.

Hi I'm Aeja! Junior at UIC and a Pre Nursing Major. I try to write what inspires me, so I hope you enjoy my articles!
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