Latest Obsession: Boba Run In Chicago #2

After my positive experience at ViVi Bubble Tea, I made a mission to head down to Chinatown and see if there are any places that are better than or can match the expectations. While I was in Chinatown, I found Kung Fu Tea. Collegiettes, make sure you bring cash to Kung Fu Tea because that is the only payment method they take!  

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by Kung Fu Tea or ViVi Bubble Tea, All opinions are my own, but they should consider sponsoring me because I love bubble tea!

My favorite drink at Kung Fu Tea is the Oolong Milk Tea with Tapioca. 

Differences between ViVi and Kung Fu Tea:

1. ViVi does not offer Oolong Milk Tea

2. Kung Fu Tea’s tapioca is an additional cost

3. Kung Fu Tea’s price with tax is cheaper than ViVi

4. ViVi has a rewards card

5. ViVi is closer to campus

Depending on where you are at, I highly recommend either one of these locations for a quick sip that will satisfy your cravings and keep you cool on a warm sunny day!