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Kyle Jackson

Name: Kyle Jackson

Age: 20

Year in School: Sophmore

Major: Industrial Design

Astro-Sign: Virgo

Favorite Color: Blue

Interests: Ultimate Frisbee, Drawing, Guitar, Street Hockey, and Kicking Rhymes with my friends

What You look for in a Significant other: Somebody who is honest, fun, and wild but not afraid to just chill in sweats.

Perfect Date: Would def have to start with sushi or some sort of bbq dinner. Then some sort of rap or electro concert. I love music so being able to jam out and have fun with a date would be a great night. Followed of course by a nice nightcap haha.

Turn-Offs: A liar, rather hear the truth then find it out later. Also someone who is constantly starting drama. Grow up and solve things maturely.

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