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Justin Baldoni, You Are Appreciated!

Collegiettes, you may know Baldoni as Rafael in Jane the Virgin – amazing show you MUST watch! The show is where I was introduced to him and after making the decision to stalk him on social media, I began to see that there was more to this muscular, ‘eye candy’ man.

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Not only was the love for his kids and wife beautiful to see, but soon, his posts surrounding the ‘redefining masculinity’ began, which involved the upcoming of a talk show, which included Baldoni. Soon, a TedTalk given by him came out, where Baldoni, as a man, further took his conversation on the aspects of being ‘man enough’ – it was the beginning of a conversation that HAD to be started. I don’t know about y’all, but this part, man. This part hit me in the heart:

Soon after his beautiful words, his page, Man Enough, went up and running and now, they’re two episodes in, with the third coming soon. Literally, a group of men, different backgrounds, and job titles, having dinner and diving into real conversation, with Baldoni asking questions and these other men really DIVE into these amazing conversations. Baldoni also goes to meet with other people, over coffee and such, and again, more conversation, ideas – it’s beautiful to watch. 

If we’re talking women empowerment, gender equality, feminism, it’s important for WOMEN to understand where MEN come from. Like Baldoni really emphasizes, men are instinctively brought up to be “strong,” whether it be culture, environment, surrounding dynamics – there has always been a clear split between masculinity and femininity. As women, we need to help men take this journey, which Baldoni is brilliantly starting, to break this glass ceiling, implanted by society, and aspire, not to be the better sex, but to be better human beings, to be equal, to be one.

Justin, as a woman and a survivor of sexual assault, I appreciate your message and your work to get it across. I believe in it. I have witnessed the ugliest in men, just as I’ve witnessed the most fragile. I have seen men emotionally block themselves and put themselves in this ‘man’ role, just as I’ve seen men freely be open and embrace their feelings. Times have changed, but just like many other issues in society, this is one that still needs a lot of work, but it is men like you and your friends from Man Enough that will make the difference. I think I speak for most women, if not all when I say: WE SEE YOU, BOY!

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