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Joshua Beard

This week’s campus celebrity is Joshua Beard, a Communication major and UIC Flames soccer superstar. A center midfielder, Josh has been a starter all four years.

When did you start playing soccer and how did you get involved?

I started playing soccer when I was just three years old. Soccer was sort of the family sport. My three older brothers and my sister all played. I would always kick the ball around with them when I was a toddler. When I could finally run, my parents signed me up to play. I played in Rockford until we moved to Schaumburg, where I played at Schaumburg High School for four years. I also played for the Chicago Sockers for nine years and then here at UIC for four years.

Do you see soccer playing a role in your future?

I see soccer playing a very large role in my future. My initial plan is to attempt to play professional soccer after college. I have worked so hard in my life to get this far, so I feel I owe it to myself to at least try to play at the next level. If playing soccer doesn’t work out, I would love to coach soccer. Some of my coaches have been great life mentors for me, so being able to give back to the soccer community would be a great honor for me as a player.

Who do you look to for inspiration?

I see my family as inspiration. My mother, being a breast cancer survivor, is a big inspiration to me. The idea of playing professional soccer is also a huge motivation for me. I would love to be able to play the game I love for a career. 

What do you love most about soccer?

Soccer is my life, so to ask me what I love the most is a difficult question. I love how your life could be spiraling out of control and everything is a mess, but then when you step between those white lines, everything changes. Suddenly all your problems fade; the only thing you can think about is the opponent you have to play that day. You just lose your mind in the game. For those 90 to 120 minutes, all that matters is the game and nothing else – that is what I love most.


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