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Jennifer Bauer

 Jennifer Bauer is a Biology major here at UIC and she is also the President of the Women in Science and Engineering organization. She chose to be an Biology major because of her love of the growing world and everything in it. She says, “I pursued it because I knew it would be a challenge and life gets dull without a challenge.” After graduation she plans on going to graduate school for Paleobiology. When she is not busy with school, she enjoys swimming, running, knitting, and reading.
 In her sophomore year, she joined the executive board of the Women in Science and Engineering organization. She says, “I lived on the WISE floor my freshman year of college here at UIC and I met some amazing girls who helped me get through my first year of adjusting to a new life.”
Women in Science and Engineering organization supports women interested in pursuing a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics degrees. Jennifer believes there is still a gender divide in the science and engineering fields, however it has gotten better over the years but there are still some problems. She says, “Women aren’t getting the support that they deserve which deters them from furthering careers in the fields, which will hopefully change one day soon.”

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