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How to Revive Your Summer Wardrobe

Before you shove those cute summer dresses you bought a few months ago into the back of your closet to make space for that trendy motorcycle jacket you just bought, remember that you can give those spring/summer clothes new life by wearing them with the right fall pieces. Burgundy is this fall’s hottest color so the easiest way to give your summer clothes a new look is by adding on burgundy colored fall pieces.

Jacket by Rag & Bone and dress by Peter Som

 A motorcycle jacket added to jean shorts gives them a tough, edgy look while the jean shorts and a good pair of high heels will balance the look by playing up your legs.

Jacket, H&M, $49.95

Pairing a burgundy cardigan with a floral dress will bring a new texture to the outfit and the burgundy color in the cardigan will soften the loud print and colors of the summer dress.

Cardigan, H&M, $34.95

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