How To Get The Best Cup Of Joe

If you're someone who likes coffee as much as I do, a good cup of Joe could be hard to find. Growing up, all I remember was pre-ground Folgers as I got older. However, as I finally started to explore, I realized how much terrible coffee is actually out there. Here are three tips I have learned to ensure that every cup of coffee is the best cup of coffee.

1. Always Buy The Beans

Pre-ground coffee, while it will do in a pinch, is not how a cup of coffee was meant to be enjoyed. When the bean is pre-ground, it starts to lose a lot of its freshness and taste in the bag which leads to stale grounds. While this does require you to buy a coffee grinder, in the long run, money is saved because unground coffee beans are usually less expensive.

2. Find A Solid Brand

For me, this was probably the hardest part as I went through one bag after another. Tasting coffee cup after coffee cup of defeat, it was, at times, hard to keep looking. Until one day, I finally discovered a company based out of Brooklyn called Stumptown. This is, for me at least, the pinnacle of coffee. While they are expensive, that first cup was worth every penny. Some other alternatives for me are Starbucks Beans as well as another coffee company called Colectivo. Both offer a good range of roasts, as well as blends, and won't break the bank.

3. A French Press Will Change Your Life

For the longest time, the only kind of coffee I have ever had was brewed through a machine. Little did I realize how much I was missing out on. A standard coffee maker strips most of the flavor away as well as some of the caffeine, so, obviously, this is not a good thing.

Fun Tip: Don’t be afraid to add spices and other flavors into your coffee. One of my favorite things to do is add a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg (around 1/2 tsp) in with the grounds for a warmer taste. In that same vein, something really interesting to do is add flowers, such as rose or lavender for more of an earthy taste ( also add around 1/2 tsp).