How To Do Your Eyebrows At Home

What you will need:

  1. Eyebrow Spoolie Brush

  2. Tweezers

  3. Mechanical Eyebrow Razor

  4. Anastasia Eyebrow Pomade

  5. Eyebrow Brush

  6. Clear Eyebrow Gel

Step one: Let your eyebrows grow out

Letting your eyebrows grow out is a good way to start. This will allow you to have a platform to create a shape your eyebrow when tweezing.

Step two: Brush and tweeze your eyebrows

Brush your eyebrows using the eyebrow spoolie brush. Brush it into the shape you want your eyebrows to be. Next, using your tweezers, pluck the thicker hairs around your entire eyebrow; the top, underneath, and sides. Do not worry about getting super close to the rim of your eyebrow.

Step three: Precisely shave the rims

Using the mechanical eyebrow razor, shave as close to the rim of your brow as you can. This will allow you to remove the tinier hairs you were unable to with the tweezers. Your eyebrows should look sharp and clean.

Step four: Fill your eyebrows in

You can fill your eyebrows in with a powder or a pomade depending on preference. I like to use the Anastasia Eyebrow Pomade. Dip your eyebrow brush into the pomade and outline the rims of your eyebrow. Next, fill in the middle to end of your eyebrow softly, you want it to look natural. Next, using clear eyebrow gel, go over your entire eyebrow, this will keep them in place all day.

Good luck and stay beautiful!