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House of Horrors

These screams

Scrawled in blood

Taunt me-

Seeing them everywhere

I start to go insane

What is real and what is not

Round and round

I spin

Nowhere to escape

Chained to these memories

I die a little more

Trapped in my own embrace

For you

I will fight to the death

Love and protect

But I can’t conquer this

They say

Fight your own demons

But how can I fight myself?

This love incinerates within me

The drive and will

Gets stronger

No more hiding

I am here

I have risen

Zara is an 18 year old young woman. She is currently working on her Bachelors degree in Sociology. She is a textbook gemini, level headed, determined, accepting, and positive. Zara loves to write, laugh, headbang, love, run, play video games, and eat. She is extremely passionate about LGBT rights, poetry, paranormal things, WWE wrestling, metal music, correct spelling, and again...food. Shes Italian so it makes sense right? Food is amazing. Zara tries her best to be open minded and loves everyone for their differences as well as similiarites. She is quite excited(and stressed) to be at UIC. 
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