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Heading down Taylor? Stop by Flirty Cupcakes!


Craving something sweet and delicious? Want to indulge and treat yourself to a sweet treat after a weeklong of healthy eating? If you have a huge sweet tooth like I do, Flirty Cupcakes is the right place for you! Located on 1030 W. Taylor Street, Flirty’s offers delicious desserts that are sure to satisfy even your most desirable sweet craving. This cozy cupcake shop is small but spacious and has such cute décor. The vibe is super chill and welcoming but enough about the design of the shop. How about those decadent cupcakes!

There is a reason why this place is called Flirty. Some of their signature cupcakes include the classic red velvet with cream cheese frosting cleverly called the Devil in Disguise. Their Paradise Island and Beached Coconut cupcakes are perfectly moist and tasty. You will never go wrong in choosing either of those treats! If you don’t have a taste for cupcakes, Flirty’s also offers other delicious goodies like cake pops, cookies, brownies, and more!

So, if you have a break in between your classes, need a dose of something sweet, or just finished writing a 10 page essay, head over to Flirty Cupcakes, and reward yourself with one of their mouth-watering desserts! You will definitely not regret trying their cupcakes and will probably return to Taylor Street for more! 

Nicole is a proud city girl born and raised in beautiful Chicago. She is currently a student at the University of Illinois at Chicago as a Business Marketing major and a part of the Women's Line Up Team at Nike Chicago. She loves everything to do with fitness & health, music, urban life, and sports! In her spare time she loves to run, ride her fixie along the lakefront, do yoga, and volunteer! She is a die hard Chicago Bulls fan with a huge sweet tooth. Nicole's dream is to have a career in marketing with a focus in brand management or advertisement and sales promotion.
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