Harry Styles Was Featured In Another Gucci Photo Shoot and We're Freaking Out!

Tuesday morning, Gucci broke the internet by releasing photographs of Harry Styles in a new "Gucci Tailoring" campaign. In the photographs, Styles is seen rocking headpieces, embroidered suits, and oh, holding adorable animals!

                                                                     (Harry Styles photographed by Glen Ruchford)

The photographs are just a snippet of the new campaign. Gucci is set to release the full campaign sometime in November. If it’s anything like the last one, we expect Styles to look amazing as always as he walks the streets of London, but this time with some furry friends.

Many fans are already counting down the days until November begins so that they can have new content from their favorite singer.

The looks Harry is shown in are bold. He is dressed in many different patterns and colors. Some might be shocked by the clothing, but his fans know that Harry is no stranger to expressing himself through his fashion.

He recently finished his first solo tour, “Harry Styles: Live On Tour,” and wore many bold outfits, including a kilt at his Glasgow show!

                                                                     (Harry Styles photographed by Hélène Marie Pambrun)

For now, we’ll just have to wait to see the other looks this fashionista will serve. November’s only 41 days away, anyway.