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woman with highlight on her cheek
woman with highlight on her cheek
Original Illustration by Gina Escandon for Her Campus Media
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UIC chapter.

You get out of the shower, wrap your towel around you, and are getting ready to finish your morning routine. You walk past your bathroom mirror and catch a glimpse of your reflection despite the foggy overlay.


Your hair resembles that of straw, sticking out every which way as if you had just touched an electrical outlet with a fork. Not a pretty look…you can either:

  1. Air dry it and hope for the best
  2. Brush it out so your strands don’t make you look like the wicked witch of the west

You opt for option B but hear a faint voice off in the distance.

“Don’t brush dry hair!! It’s damaging!” 

Was that your hairdresser’s voice?

Many people know and have been told countless times by salon experts that you should never brush wet hair…but ever wonder exactly why it’s bad to brush wet hair?

If your answer is ‘no,’ let me enlighten you.

This topic is probably ‘old news,’ but I feel the need to reiterate this important message!

The reason brushing hair when it’s wet is so bad for your hair is that when your hair is wet, it is fragile and more prone to breakage. This, however, does not mean a life condemned to untamed hair that we can never brush post shower. It is just the way that we brush our hair in its fragile state that really matters. Many people tend to harshly scrape their combs through their delicate locks in hopes to untangle in one quick swoop, but this can be detrimental. 


But what are we to do??


There is an excellent solution and it is available for a small price of $7 – $10. I happened to be recommended this product many years ago by a beautician who couldn’t get enough of this gentle, revolutionarily new brush!


Introducing The Wet Brush!



Now this brush has been around for quite some time but it wasn’t until 2 years ago that I started using it AND noticing some serious results.

Many sources like People magazine and Refinery 29 have raved about it in the past, so I thought I would give it a go.


What makes The Wet Brush some much better for your hair? It takes into account how fragile your hair is when wet. It gently loosens your strands with its bendable bristles and does it without pulling or breaking strands. The bristles are very thin and flexible to reduce tugging and pulling. While there is no 100% breakage free way to brush your hair, this is a product that can help minimize damage.


In the past, my hair would look dry and split every time I brushed it after a shower. I began to use gobs and gobs of detangler to no avail. I have noticed that The Wet Brush has made brushing my wet hair less painful, and I am noticing less breakage. Like I said, this brush has been around for quite some time, but I never realized how great it was for my hair until I actually began to utilize its benefits.

I'm a senior at the University of Illinois at Chicago. My major is Communication with a concentration in public relations. Writing has always been my passion and HC lets me utilize my love for it. On the weekends you can find me binge watching Netflix shows like The Office or Parks and Rec. I'm also a sucker for Dunkin Donuts and cute puppies!
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