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Give Back To Your Community This Spring Break!

Spring Break is finally around the corner, collegiettes! For many, Spring Break has become a tradition – go somewhere hot and go crazy for a week- and even many locations have declared a season or theme for Spring Break *in my James Franco as Alien voice*

While some already have plans and flights booked, others take the time to unwind and just relax, after midterms. But, why not give back to your community while you can?

Through UIC ENGAGE, I was introduced to Universidad Popular (UP), a community center located in the Little Village area of the city. Within this organization, there’s an after-school program called UP to Youth.

(Image from Universidad Popular)

After ENGAGE hours, I stay with UP to Youth, as an actual UP volunteer. Aside from working, I’m also going to be volunteering with them for Spring Break!

You know what’s so great about it? Since the kids are on break, as well, youth leaders Karen Guadarrama and Eric Martinez have activities planned where the kids will also be giving back! Activities include going to a food depository, biking through toxic parts of their community, a museum trip, a trip to Illinois State University, etc.

(Image from Universidad Popular)

Little Village isn’t necessarily my community – I stay a little more South, a few minutes down, where, unfortunately, there isn’t really any centers like UP. Nonetheless, it feels good to be welcomed by this community, and be able to give, and help them teach the kids to give back, as well! Nothing but LOVE, man!

So, for those staying home, this Spring Break, why not volunteer at a community center near you?

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