A Girl's Guide to Vibrators, From the Pocket Rocket to the Rabbit & Beyond

Now I know what you’re thinking…we don’t talk about this, especially out loud. We have been told that women’s masturbating is completely taboo. Those proper ladies don’t do it. But, let me tell you, ladies…we are talking about it, and guess what, it’s not taboo, over 70% of the women population masturbate and use porn sites. Now I’ve been single for quite some time now, and I do get sexually frustrated, but instead of hoping on Tinder and meeting some slob guy who isn’t going to make me orgasm, I just turn and use my handy dandy vibrator. Guess what? I orgasm each and every time. It’s quite wonderful and a sexual awakening experience. I know exactly how I like it, and I orgasm and feel ready to conquer the world. However, I understand that not many collegiettes are as open as I am with their sexuality and their masturbating habits. As your sexual experience fairy godmother, I am here to help you completely, especially if you’ve never used a vibrator or masturbated before.

I bought mine about 2 years ago, in a sex shop, on the corner of Roselle and Golf, called Igor’s Dungeon (what a name). The girl at the counter was super helpful, surrounded by role-playing costumes, gels, and creams, porn, dildos, she made everything simple and relatable. I told her this was my first time ever buying, and she made my experience as comfortable as possible, which for most is a completely embarrassing and terrifying experience. She established that there are multiple vibrators to choose from based on what you find most important in your orgasmic experience. It’s important to know which types are out there and which you’d be more interested in trying out.

Bullets and Eggs:

Bullets and egg vibrators are very small and very powerful. They are discrete and affordable. All are simple in nature and range in speeds and vibrating patterns. Most sex shop clerks recommend for first-time users.

Pocket Rockets:

These are the best selling clitoral vibrators. They are completely discrete, affordable and simple to us. These are only one speed and are also recommended for first-time users.

Magic Wands & Massagers:

These are some of the powerful vibrators on the market and are not recommended for first-time buyers. However, these come in varying speeds and sizes and are usually discrete as well. These are a little more expensive and made for experienced users.

G-Spot Vibrators:

These are for more experienced users and are not recommended for first time buyers, these include g-spot vibrators and rabbit vibrators that produce more intense orgasms. Rabbit vibrators include a dildo for penetration as well as a clitoral stimulator while the g-spot vibrators include a curved dildo and g-spot stimulation.

Now, I know this may be totally overwhelming because you don’t really know what you want, and you don’t know where to start. Here’s the key: shop around, and ask questions. The sex shop clerk will be your best friend in the knowledge of vibrators. Test the strength of a vibrator on your nose (the nose has about the same sensitivity as your clitoris). Avoid materials that contain toxic chemicals. Bring a trusted friend for moral support. Some vibrators are waterproof and some are not, make sure you check before buying.

Enjoy this experience; you’ll learn so much about yourself and what you like sexually in the process. Remember, stay bold, and stay true collegiettes.