A Few Things I Wish I Would’ve Done at the Beginning of the Semester


Here are some things I wish I would’ve done at the beginning of the semester.

1. Gone To Tutoring

Oh, how I wish I would have started to go to tutoring sooner. Honestly, I think everyone should go. You are there to master the material you are learning and most tutoring on campus is free (well, included in our tuition). We did not come to college to throw away a bunch of money! We came here to get the best out of our education.

Here on campus ( The University of Illinois at Chicago) there are various places to receive help:

LAS Tutoring

(reach out to your guidance counselor)

LARES Tutoring in the Student Services Building (SSB)

The schedule for when there is someone available for each subject is online on the UIC LARES page.

Chance Program Tutoring

Become part of the CHANCE program on the UIC CHANCE page online.

Honors College Tutoring

Open to everyone on campus. In Burnham hall (The schedule is on the UIC honors page).

2. Joined Clubs Sooner and Began to Commit to Them

There are so many clubs out there, the first couple of weeks is for exploring and figuring out which ones you like and then sticking to them. Unfortunately, you may not have time for all of them. Bummer! I know!

3. Went to More Office Hours

I really wish I would have gone to more office hours and built better relationships with my teachers. That way they could have had an idea of who I was and what kind of student I am.

4. Went to More On-Campus Activities

Attending on-campus activities at the beginning of the year helps you make more friends and meet new people. I could’ve gotten the opportunity to meet so many new people if I would have gone to these events!