Prepare for inspiration in your manicures this fall - from an autumn glam to a spooky sparkle! Here are a few of my favorite unique designs by various talented artists.

With Halloween just around the corner, pop out with the traditional orange and black theme. Mix it up with spine-tingling spiders on the middle fingers, ghostly glitter on the ring fingers, and creepy cobwebs crawling through the index finger. 

For an elegant autumn moment, try a seasonally-colored flow through each finger. Start with a dark purple on the thumb, morphing into a maroon, and ending the hand with the lightest colors. This look pairs perfectly with silver rings or jewelry. 

Go girly with a fall flower manicure! Apricot orange, ivy white, dark purple and forest green are a stellar combination. Pair it with your favorite knit sweater.

Classic horror/ comedy tv show, "The Addams Family," projected their style onto these nails. This artist created a look with a character theme; a festive manicure in honor of the holiday. 

This fierce design harmonizes well with the pointed, catlike claw. Orange fades out onto the tips with simple black decorations atop. Nothing screams  ̈trick-or-treat ̈ like this. 

Matte is the new shine. Quieting a shiny color will bring its pigment down to earth, becoming more of a subtle tone. Pick a few of your fav fall flavours and own this muted-melody!

A full moon on a midnight Halloween is the vibe for this look. The jet-black paint and detailed image truly brings this manicure to life. Picture a werewolf, howling into the night… 

Now, these are the nails that everyone will be raving about. Marble pink is so chic! Alongside that, raspberry-burgundy is infused in the color scheme, pulling it all together. For the final touch: a sprinkle of glitter outline balances out this creation. 

Vampire-inspired is the technique of this set. Poisonous red is mixed with smokey black, vanishing into the center of each nail. The rounded, stiletto tip gives it an elegant appearance.

What’s more festive than jack-o-lanterns? If you are hunting for that perfect October look, you can end your search here! There are three ideas taking place: one is the screaming pumpkin faces against the holographically-gleaming orange nail. The second is a midnight-matte stained nail with just the right amount of contrast in its apricot gems. Lastly, a dark chocolate drizzled stripe nail, completing the spooky season vibe!

Now let’s take it back a notch, to something both simple and sweet. This color says cozy days, fuzzy sweaters, and sipping a warm cup of hot chocolate. It’s not too flashy and it’s not too bland: a homey bliss. 

Matte plus mauve plus… glitter galore? This fall frenzy gives you a little taste of everything. Don’t be afraid to be bold and mix it up. A style like this is bound to accent any autumn outfit, adding an extra bit to your fit!