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Erin Condren: Review

Oh, where should I start? I have been so obsessed with the whole “planner organization” thing that has been going around all over social media. I have always been a planner/organization nerd ever since high school. For some reason, I would never stick to one planner. Throughout the years, I would switch from planner to planner. Suddenly, I figured out why. It is because my planner was always the cheap ones that has either fallen apart or was so boring looking by the end of the quarter/semester. Now, let me introduce you to my new baby. It is the Erin Condren Life planner in the foil edition. I love this thing. And I mean LOVE. 


Let’s talk about Erin Condren first. Erin Condren is a private business that has been growing. She started small like many businesses and worked her away up. All the planners that she sells are handmade and designed by her.

Why do I love this planner so much? Well, lets start off with the cover itself. They are interchangeable covers. No one can even possibly be bored of their planners if they are interchangeable. Secondly, I love the fact that this planner has so much customization available. You can customize it to however you like. If you wanted a quote, you can have the quote. If you want your name, then go for the name. It can be however you like! 

Now, lets talk inside the planner. I love how this planner has a weekly view and also a monthly view. It also has a section on the left side where you can write goals & notes. I mean what else can I possible ask for? The weekly view section has it categorized into morning, day, night. So, if you are a busy person like I am, this is perfect for you. The planner also comes with tons of stickers for you to decorate (some stickers even customized with your name on it!) I love how this planner has tabs separated per month. I mean seriously, Erin Condren thought of it all for this planner. Lastly, the planner comes with a cute little band to secure the planner.

Cons: The planner is quite pricey. They range from $50-$75. However, I think this is worth every penny. It is more of an investment because if you think about it, this planner helps you get things done. College is super stressful and I cannot imagine how anyone can just remember everything. Personally, I love to jot everything down. I like seeing what’s ahead of me and this helps with that a lot. 

Now, to my favorite part of the planner: the decoration. Think of this as a scrapbook if you will. I love going into hobby lobby, Michael’s, or any craft store to buy cute little stickers and sticky notes to decorate the hell out of these pages. Target’s $1 spot has very cute stationery. Luckily, the actual decorating supplies are very inexpensive. 

Erin Condren is doing a Summer Tank-top and flip flop bundle for $39! It does not hurt to dream about summer right now in this cold winter right? I love the tank top! It is super affordable and a very light fabric.The tank says “SUN KIND OF WONDERFUL”. Yes, indeed. We need some sun here in the Chi! Super cute for the summer days at the beach. I love the pokey dot flip flop as well. I decided to have it customized with my initials. Definitely pick the small if you are size 6-7. I picked the medium and it’s a bit big on me.

Lastly, here is a $10 off from Erin Condren for you all that are interested(keep in mind that you will get this link as well when you create an account with them. So invite your friends and you can get $10 as well!).

Jessica Wu is attending the University of Illinois at Chicago as a senior majoring in Accounting. Her expected graduation date will be Fall of 2015. She loves to watch the food network and cook.
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